July 17, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant

Yippee! We are over half way there! I am currently almost 22 weeks pregnant, but am a few days behind posting, as usual. Momma and baby Bloomfield are doing pretty well, although my doctor is monitoring me a bit closer than usual due to a few minor pregnancy complications. But I am sure everything will be fine!

I have officially begun nesting like a mad woman, sewing and rearranging more frequently than usual. I am not gonna even mention my weight gain today, because a few days of homemade doughnuts and sausage chili apparently help a woman pack on the pounds. Plus, I have been put on restricted exercising due to said pregnancy complications. Oh well! I really feel great..... minus a few hormonal mood swings :)

Nathan, Violet, and I are so excited to meet our baby girl! We are still keeping the name hush hush, but I love calling her by name and talking to her. I feel incredibly blessed to be having this baby.