July 27, 2011

Happy Family

Here we are. Nathan and Stacie Bloomfield. A Twenty-something young couple who enjoys going on cheese dip lunch dates, watching episodes of the Office, and spending as much time together as possible!

Sometimes when you spend a little "too much" happy time together, you get one of these:

Enter Miss Violet Clementine. The perfect addition to the Bloomfield family. Complete with my spunky personality, and Nathan's brains and focus. And now, as you know, we are happily expecting Baby Bloomfield #2!

Here is baby girl's 1st (recognizable) picture! Do you see the resemblance already between her and Violet? It is CRAZY! Same nose, little lips, and furrowed brow. I am so in love with her.

Today at work, the subject came up about what I would do job wise after the baby is born. Honestly, I've been throwing some ideas around... should I make a go for Gingiber being a full-time-work-from-home job? Should I try and transition to part-time at the day job? Should I simply stay put? Do I really want both of my kiddos in daycare?

Nathan and I are still weighing the pros and cons of what to do. But let me tell you, every time I look at my little girl's face in this ultrasound picture, all I can think about is how much I adore my family, and how I would give anything to spend more time with my children.

Time will tell! For now, I think that I am content with enjoying this pregnancy.

Oh, and I need to take more pictures of Nathan and I together. I love that man to bit :)