April 10, 2011

Random Talking

Random Talking by Valentina Ramos

Don't you just love Valentina Ramos' illustrations? I adore this print in particular! It is so ornate and lovely! I digress......

Happy Sunday to you all! I just woke up from a lovey nap, and feel a bit energized! I've not had the most productive weekend, but the entire family was able to go out and have some family pictures made by my friend, Amber. Afterwords, we used up some Sonic gift cards for cherry limeades, followed by a lovely visit at the grand reopening of the Heartwood Art Gallery here in Fayetteville! The weather was hot and windy, but I rarely go outdoors, so this was a special treat!

I have several half finished art and decorating projects just waiting for a little attention! I cannot wait to finish some of them to share with you! Do you ever find yourself knee deep in too many projects? I need to streamline and focus!

Now I think that I am going to make the most of the rest of my Sunday and listen to some music while I doodle!
Ta ta!