April 25, 2011

I'm Back With a BIG Announcement!

We are pregnant! Baby Bloomfield is due late November, and we are ecstatic! I am almost 10 weeks along, and am quite ready to be out of the 1st trimester! I really was not all that sick when I was pregnant with Violet, so this has been a complete change!

So, it has been an emotional 1st trimester with lots of twists and turns. We found out that we were pregnant on St. Patrick's Day but felt like we should wait a while before telling people, even our family and friends. About 6 weeks into the pregnancy, I started bleeding, and feared the worst. I went to the hospital and had a 45 minute ultrasound. I waited hours for my Dr. to call us with the results, and was on pins and needles!

That afternoon, my Dr. called and gave us a bombshell: I had a subchoriotic hemorrhage (blood clot) in my placenta which made me high risk. Then, the biggest bombshell of all: the doctor said that I was pregnant with identical twins! We were in shock! How on earth were we going to be able to handle 3 babies, all while Nathan was finishing graduate school? I have to work because I carry the insurance!

A few days later, we got another bit of news: the twins I was carrying were "mono-amniotic" which meant that they were sharing the same sack and placenta. It was incredibly dangerous with a very low chance of survival for both twins. I wont go into the gory details, but if I could make it to 24 weeks, I would be put on bed rest or even made to stay in a hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy, and deliver at 34 weeks.

All of this information was scary, and I honestly could not process it. I was in a state of shock and almost mourning. I really was struggling to keep it together, and have never cried like I did the day I was given this news. I spent all of my free time researching this type of twins. I joined online support groups. Researched means of financial support for our extensive and inevitable hospital stay. Looked into government programs, the works.

A week later, we had another ultrasound to see if my pregnancy would be viable. Nathan came with me, because we were both so frightened and were praying for a miracle for our babies! Before the ultrasound tech even put the wand to my tummy, she revealed to us that she thought that there had been a HUGE mistake with my diagnosis, and believed that I had never been pregnant with twins in the first place! Apparently after my diagnosis was made and sent to my Dr. the rest of the radiologists looked at my film, and no one else saw 2 babies, let alone mono-amniotic twins.

All that worry over nothing!

So here we are, with 1 healthy baby and a subchoriotic hemorrhage that is resolving! I think that what happened to us is a bit crazy, but everything happens for a reason, right? I keep telling myself that!

Thanks for reading, friend! Hopefully I can get back into the blogging groove now that this is all out in the open!