April 4, 2011

Fill in the Blank

Hello! I thought I'd try blogging a little differently today, a la fill in the blank!

  • The best meal I had this weekend: was homemade burgers and homemade strawberry shortcake
  • Sometimes I wish: that macaroni and cheese where a part of the food pyramid (not even joking here, folks)
  • The most interesting thing that happened today was: that I shut my toe in a door and yelled a certain questionable word in front of my impressionable daughter!
  • My favorite person to share a cup of coffee with: is either my sweet sister or my little kumquat Jenna, who is currently in London!
  • I used to be a morning person: until I discovered that my daughter is also a morning person.....
  • My goal for the month of April: is to draw something just for me!
  • The best part of blogging is: the ability to be yourself and connect with people who like you just the way you are!

Feel free to fill in your own blanks in the comments section! Looking forward to a fabulously productive week!