January 10, 2011

26 before 26

Today I turned 25 years old. The day has been thus far AMAZING! My husband made me the most delicious Chocolate Nutella Cake from scratch last night, then treated me to breakfast in bed this morning. He even drove me to work and bought me a coffee (swoon!). What a man, I tell you.

I feel as though this monumental birthday (heck, I can rent a car and find better rates on car insurance now) deserves to be commemorated with a list of goals for the year.

Throughout my life, I have been a list maker. However, I hardly ever stick to them. I tend to change directions easily (have you seen my ever changing blog layout, for example?) so sticking to a plan is tough for this indecisive mama. Some of my goals will be serious, but some are just things that I never make time for. So without further adieu, here is my list of goals for the year.

1. Launch a developing (but still secret) business venture
2. Dye my hair blonde (much more blonde than the subdle highlights I have been sporting as of late)
3. Save more money
4. Read a great book (I have not picked up a book in AGES)
5. Invest in friendships (time = money stronger friendships)
6. Sell our Springfield, MO home (that one may be out of my hands, but still it is a goal)
7. Plan a 5 year anniversary trip with Nathan
8. Eat more veggies (cheese is not a vegetable, apparently)
9. Expand the Gingiber Product Line
10. Play a round of golf (I used to play on my men's golf team in high school)
11. Start a great skin care regiment (I never EVER wash my face before going to bed)
12. Make more time for dates with Nathan
13. Organize and donate items in my garage (I want to de-clutter my life)
14. Volunteer for some community organization
15. Have a more positive outlook on life (Hi, my name is Debbie Downer, blargh)
16. Find some new TV shows to watch (I've watch every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 10 times)
17. Get the windshield replaced in my Honda (There has been a crack in the windshield for 4 years)
18. Spend more time with my sister and her soon to be born daughter, Charis
19. Spend more time with ALL family, for that matter. Yes, I am talking to you, Texas family!
20. Invest in some properly fitting clothing, and finally throw out those size 8 jeans
21. Sketch more for me, not just for my business (it is quite therapeutic)
22. Help Nathan search for jobs as we approach graduation
23. Begin *thinking* about expanding our little family (this cannot happen until Nathan graduates)
24. Get a family photo taken (we have never had one made)
25. Start taking Violet to the park
26. Grow my wholesale and consignment business

So there you have it! Wish me luck as I embark on these exiting goals!



Meg said...

happy birthday stacie!!! what a sweet hubby you have! i don't think joel has ever even baked a cake from a box before, let alone made one from scratch!

those are really fantastic goals! (i share many of them with you, even replacing my windshield -ha!) good luck achieving them - you are most definitely capable! excited to hear more about this business venture of yours!!

Dominika said...

Happy Birthday Stacie!

Mandi Coulter said...

what a great list :)
happy birthday!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday!

Good luck on your goals. I'm excited to see what book you read!

Gingiber said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, friends! I feel like this is going to be a fantastic year!

Paige Allen said...

What a great list...and us Texas peeps made it! Woohoo! May this year be your best yet!

katielicht said...

happy birthday! this is a great list. For #11, i highly recommend Cetaphil facewash. you don't even need to use water to wash it off, it's like the greatest lazy person's cleanser. :)

Kim said...

happy happy birthday!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

happy birthday sweetie!! this is a GREAT list!! hope you can accomplish it all!! and that nutella cake.. you have a good hubby!!!!

ness said...

WHAT?! Cheese isn't a vegetable?! I'm crushed.

But no wonder my pants don't fit....

I can help with one of those....saving money. Have you tried ING direct? We have been super successful with it....just funneling 10 or 20 dollars in a month directly keeps us saving consistently. Now our kids have savings accounts too. If you sign up, use me as a reference : )

I can help with those milk glass vases too. It's so funny that you are collecting them. When I was a kid, NOBODY wanted them. They were ubiquitous. Now they are getting quite popular.

Let's get coffee or lunch sometime?

Gingiber said...

Katielicht: I will totally go buy some Cetaphil!

Vanessa! I will look into ING. Yes, I do love me some milk glass vases, so yay for some help tracking them down!

Let's get lunch really soon! Or just coffee!

Nicole said...

happy (belated) birthday! love your goals - i could use a lot of the same goals in my life, too. :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Happy birthday darling! (I guess a day late). I hope you accomplish all your goals :) xo

Gingiber said...

Meg! I think that you and I have a lot in common! Yay for sharing goals!

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