April 25, 2012

I Went to the Etsy Martha Stewart Show

Guess where I just got back from? NYC! Nathan and I took a vacation to the city. We had never been before, and we really enjoyed our time wandering around, learning how easy it is to get lost on the subway, and eating tons of food!

We chose NYC because I was invited to participate in an all Etsy episode of the Martha Stewart Show. I got to bring one of my items and see the magic that is the Martha Machine.

The best part is that Martha insisted that all Etsy Sellers who came to the show get their picture taken with their product, and she is having us listed on her own website! With a link and everything :)

I must say I was really sad that I did not plan accordingly for the cold weather of NYC, so I just wore a vintage blue dress that I had brought with me. Everyone else was dressed so colorfully! 

Seriously, though, being at this show was amazing, and I think that I had traveled the furthest of anyone, so I was definitely representing Arkansas :)

Now I am back in town, catching up on orders and planning on how to make my business grow.

How have you been?

In case you are interested, the show airs Thursday at 10 a.m. on the Hallmark Channel.