March 24, 2012


Hi. Just thought I would pop in. I've finished the decals and just need to shoot their product photos. This makes me happy.

In other parts of my life, the well still feels like it is running dry. I tend to have a slightly depressive soul, I guess you could say. I think it is the artist in me that struggles in vein with being either fully engaged in creating something, or stopped dead in my tracks when the inspiration feels lost.

Yet I've been trying to create some healthier habits in my life the past 2 weeks. I've watched much less television. I've been reading a bit before I go to bed (and if you know me personally then you know that I really don't find reading enjoyable..... weirdo I know). I've been going on walks with my kids, playing outside with them, and wishing we were outside when it is raining.

One of my biggest struggles is parenting Violet. She is without a doubt the most strong willed child anyone in my family has met. She is an utter joy when she is happy. And the most difficult child I have ever encountered when she is out of sorts. And her mood changes so frequently. I've been reading books on strong willed children. Trying to become better equipped to be her parent.

Of course I still feel lost. V is the best big sister. Adores little Lucy. Violet is smart and charming when she wants to be. But golly she can stick her heels in the mud.

She is a lot like me in that way.

Aside from parenting, good things are happening. Nathan was offered a full time job at the local university as a "guest lecturer" once he graduates in August. We will then be on the job hunt during the next year for a full professorship elsewhere. But this job is the biggest blessing, both financially and professionally.

Also, Nathan and I may be traveling to NYC in April! Quick trip. It looks like I might be going to see the Martha Stewart Show :) And regardless of that, Nathan and I really wanted to take a little trip to celebrate his job and all of the small successes in our lives.

Oh, and on a side note. I got a really really bad haircut this week. Never go to the beauty school to save a few bucks on a haircut. I hope that ponytails stay in fashion for a while, because that is how my hair will be for a while :)

So that is my life right now.

How have you been?