December 28, 2011

Leah Duncan Pillows and Tea Towels? Yes Please!

I've spent ample time over the past weeks browsing the internet, trying to rediscover my personal style. From clothing to decor, movies and reading materials, I feel lost as to what I actually like. One thing I definitely like is Leah Duncan's illustrations. I adore her color palettes, use of blacks and yellow.

I also am really digging her pillow covers. I love pillows, but for some reason can never pull the trigger on purchasing new throw pillows.....

Miguel Pillow Cover

Oh, and it is the time of year where I want a new couch, desperately. However, this is not practical in the slightest, since our couch is merely 3 years old. So, perhaps one of these gorgeous covers by Leah will help add some life to my dowdy couch?