December 9, 2011

Babies and Being Busy

Hi friends! I have been gone from this blog for so long and I really really miss it! My days consist of feedings, packaging Etsy orders, and keeping Violet entertained. In all honesty, I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the activity in my life so far. I've been working like a mad woman to keep up with the orders due to my recent Etsy feature, and I am lucky if I even change out of my pajamas during the day! Forget make-up and fixed hair! But, as you can tell by these photos, Nathan and I are truly blessed this year with 2 healthy girls (for the most part... right now we are battling some illness in the house).

Lucy is 1 month old today! I cannot believe it has only been 4 weeks, to be quite honest. I look forward to taking a mini "vacation" in January from work in order to get recharged after all of this holiday madness. But I am so very thankful for the business.

Next week will begin a new blogging routine. Thanks for sticking with me, friends!