May 11, 2011

Orange You Glad.... I Made an Elephant?

Mother's Day was so lovely because not only did I get to spend time with my family, but I felt energized to get to crafting again! I had some felt and poly fil lying around from my venture as a plush owl maker, and decided to make a little something for the new Bloomfield baby.

I attempted to make an elephant, but the pattern needs to be altered a bit. I need to add eyes. And, I didn't realize this until the day after I made the elephant, but maybe I need to change the nose so that it curls up instead of going straight up (trying to make it look less, um, phallic? DON'T LAUGH!) Babies don't need to be playing with something of a questionable shape, right?

At least my sweet Violet likes it. She has requested a pink elephant, to which I will make the changes in the pattern and hopefully have a toy more, well, presentable!

Not every craft is a winner right off the bat, am I right?

*I chose the least questionable photo of this elephant, but believe me, certain angles of this toy were super duper embarrassing! Haha*