May 4, 2011

My Mother's Day Wish List

It crept up on me again.... Mother's Day. Growing up, Mother's Day was a big deal in my home. We woke up mom with breakfast in bed, bought her the preselected selections from her favorite little boutique, and took her out to eat to her favorite lunch spot, Panera. Yes, it was formulaic, but I think my mom liked it that way!

Now that I am a mom of my own, I don't feel like I've earned that type of mother's day. Yes, that sounds self deprecating, but I am barely getting the hang of parenting 1 little girl. Now with another baby on the way, I've just decided to own Mother's Day this year.

Nathan, here are my preselected gifts! I would like pancakes and decaf coffee served to me in bed, a trip to Vintage Fellowship, followed by a meal at Olive Garden (I know you hate Olive Garden, but Lord help me I just LOVE their Alfredo Dipping Sauce!). Just sign a card from Violet and we are all set!

1.  Toms Shoes; 2. Ikea Expidit Shelf; 3. Tina Fey's New Book (NARDS!)

Mom's, is Mother's Day a big deal in your home? Do you have expectations?