November 3, 2010

mind your music: florance and the machine

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not always the most proactive when it comes to new music (very uncool, I know). I can hear a name floating around, download the CD, and still not actually listen to it for a while simply because it doesn't strike me at the time. Gems sit right under my nose for weeks and then one random day I'm in love.

And recently, it's Florence and the Machine.

Dog Days Are Over
Who Are They: Haven't heard of them? It's okay because the British bombshell is hitting Stateside fast and furious. Topping the charts in the UK since last summer, singer Florence Welch began the band almost as a solo project, but the fresh sound exploded and a tour demanded a (now) more consistent full band. Her voice and music is something familiar yet inspired in a combination of blues/rock/folk that's infectious.

Favorite Song: Currently I'm preferring the more ruckus songs on the album, however the slower ones have a delicacy that I'm sure will quickly become just as listened to. Florence and the Machine makes you want to be that girl - the one whose ease and sexiness is dressed down in messy hair, holey jeans, and the open road. It's like the warm smell of pipe smoke and a dark, earthy laugh. That kind of desert goddess blazing in a sunset.

Kiss With A Fist
Makes Me Think Of/Feel Like: Beautiful and broken heroines, autumn winds, breezy cool glances, and the hippie chic glamour of Project Runway Winner Gretchen Jones (who, by the way, did deserve to win)

Photography to see: Sofia Ajram and Janelle Dry

Do not deprive yourself of the awesome that is Florence and the Machine ... because one music procrastinator is bad enough.

- Jenna