April 29, 2010

it is giveaway time, x2!

Howdy (especially to everyone stopping by from Prudent Baby or Smile and Wave!
How is everyone doing on this gorgeous spring day?
I have a confession to make: I went to my first Razorback sporting event last night........ conformist... I know.
It is just so darn hard to make any friends here unless you can speak the proverbial Razorback vernacular....

Moving along to the giveaways! Please head on over to Prudent Baby for your chance to win 2 prints by me! Prudent Baby and I have partnered to offer a special Mother's Day Giveaway! For the momma, you could win my new "Those Darling Buds of May" print. For the kiddos in your life, enter to win an "Owl Alphabet Poster".

Also, PLEASE visit Smile and Wave and enter for a chance to win your very own "Turquoise Owl Alphabet" poster by yours truly!

I did not realize that both blogs would be hosting the giveaways on the same day until, like NOW, but it is really kinda fun to meet all of these incredible people stopping by from both websites!

Thanks so much for all of the support! The shop sales have really been picking up! It really warms my little heart to share my doodles with you all, and to think that some people are purchasing them.... it makes me want to never stop smiling!

Oh, and I like Kate Nash's song "Mouthwash". You should listen to it! It makes me feel upbeat! (Ignore the ad at the beginning, I could not find a video of it without the ad....)
Uploaded by chloegc. - Click for more funny videos.

Thanks for stopping by!