April 19, 2010

dog vomit on a monday night? you don't say!


I was planning to put together a loverly post for your reading pleasure. Instead, we are gonna get to the nitty gritty of being a pet owner.

You see these two faces? Well, they almost died tonight.... HOW you ask? Well, Miss Violet has begun a new nurturing phase of her life. She puts blankets on her stuffed animals so that they feel cozy. She brings me a pillow if I am laying down. And, she feeds the dogs.

Did you know that raisins, even if eaten in small quantities, are TOXIC & DEADLY to dogs? I did not know either! Nathan and I sat and watched Violet sweetly feed both Wallace and Schroeder raisins one by one. We thought it was so precious. Nathan was enamored at our gentle, loving little girl.

Then, my sister called to see how my day was. I mentioned Violet, the dogs, and the raisins. She alerted me to the danger that raisins pose to pups. Even 4-5 raisins can cause a dog's kidney's to shut down.

My dogs ate about 30.



I panicked. Nathan read somewhere that giving dogs hydrogen peroxide can induce vomiting. So we spent a good solid hour forcing the gross liquid down our poor puppy's throats.

I am happy to report that we did recover about 99% of the raisins.

I understand if you stop reading my blog due to the graphic nature of this post..... but please do come back!

I will have a much less disgusting post tomorrow, pinky promise!


Stacie, Wallace, and Schroeder.