September 4, 2012

Quick Hello

Hi! How has your weekend been?

I spent the weekend making peach pie, taking the family out for breakfast at a favorite local bakery (The Little Bread Company) and visiting a local antique shop (Shop 54) at its grand opening! I purchased these wicked awesome book ends. I totally adore them :)

I'm still working on some Christmas card designs. I thought I had them all finished a while ago but then I decided that I didn't like what I had come up with so I started over. I like where this reindeer is going.

I am not completely sold on this use of color, but I am still working on making my cross little reindeer look just right :)

Oh, and my printer broke. And I have sooo many orders to fill. And a sale coming up next Wednesday. I ordered a new printer and am trying to take the hiccups in stride.

What's new with you?