January 10, 2012


Hello friends! Today is my 26th birthday, and I am celebrating with little Lucy, waiting for the rest of the little family to get home.

I have had the most phenomenally blessed year of my life. And, I look forward to seeing what my 26th year has in store. I have a few personal goals for the year, and may write a proper "26 before 27" post later on this week is over. As I am now closer to 30 than 20, I want to focus on my sweet family. Now that I have 2 precious daughters, I want to become a less selfish mother. I tend to be a workaholic, and now that Violet is older, I need to find a way to put her needs before my own. Because that is what being a parent is all about, right?

This morning I was lying in bed, Lucy cradled in my arms, I was thinking of my own mother. All I wanted to do was call my mom and chat with her, because she always knows how to cheer me up and encourage me. She knows me so well. She is selfless and somehow knows how to make the small things in life magical. Every birthday growing up with her was magical because she made it that way. Breakfast in bed. A special handpicked present. Dinner with the family. Homemade cake.

It never occurred to me how much effort my mother put into making my sister and I feel so special and loved. Yet she made it seem effortless.

I want to be that kind of mother to my girls. Finding the sparkle in the mundane things of life. Celebrating special moments with creativity and love.

Funny how the older I get, the more I cherish my friendship with my own mom.

Here's to turning 26, and growing with grace, striving to become more like my own mother.