October 20, 2010

austin: tour de food

Alright, it is time to come clean... I did not really go on a vacation to Austin, Texas..
I went to Austin for the (now annual) Bloomfield Tour de Food. That's right. We were in Austin for all of 5 days and ate at no less than 20 different food establishments. We were in hog heaven (*note, that is the only Fayetteville, AR joke I will ever make associating myself with the city*).

My favorite restaurants (in no particular order)

1. Congress Street Cafe: We had the crab cake eggs Benedict and the carrot cake french toast
Thanks Brooke Ann Dove for the suggestion!* It was a smash! The little corn bread muffins served with the meal were just the icing on the cake!

2. Amy's Ice Cream: Wow. Best Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream on earth. We went twice. That's right. Sweet Indulgence!
Thanks Danielle Jeanne for this suggestion! It quite possibly made the whole trip!

3. Boulden Creek Coffeehouse: Such a charming cafe. All of the food is organic, and they have a great selection of unique and healthy breakfast options. We had the blueberry cornbread cakes (with coffee for me, of course).

4. Hula Hut's: A great atmosphere with some of the best tortillas I have ever eaten! 
Thanks Kim! This was the first restaurant we tried and it definitely set the mood for TexMex!

5. Hey Cupcake: So good. Especially if you make them whippersnappers (whipped cream down the center of the cake)! Pumpkin was my favorite, but WOW was the line long!

6. Cafe Crepe: Downtown little eatery with fun French Decor. Delicious savory and sweet crepes (we had a nutella filled crepe)!

7. Joe's Coffee: We grabbed some of the tastiest breakfast tacos on our way to a wedding. Absolutely spectacular food. The setting is outdoors, and the weather allowed for us to have a great time sitting on SoCo enjoying our food. Oh, and their Pumpkin Spice Latte could teach Starbucks a thing or too!

8. Holy Cacoa: Best "Cake Shake" I have ever had! Seriously, this needs to be made at my house. Cake and ice cream blended together equals a happy Stacie!

There were many other restaurants, but these are the ones that stick out the most. Now I am off to eat healthy and try to combat all of the delicious food that I have eaten over the past week.

Thanks for reading! I will post more about Austin tomorrow! -Stacie