November 18, 2009


Oh deeridoo! Several months have past in my lovely little life. I want to share some silly little doodles I have been doodling while I should be working!

This is Wallace! He is a finicky litter feller who likes to go unnoticed. He is a nervous little boy who drools a lot, and gets car sick, but is a sweet little cuddle monster. Super loyal pup!

Mr. Schroeder, on the other hand, looks a bit scary (a mix of ewok and perhaps cat?). Saying he is slightly dumb would be an understatement. He likes to pee all over the house, eats certain things which we cannot speak of here, and barks like a yeddi. But underneeth this odd exterior, Schroeder just wants to be carried around in one of those odd little doggy purses. Silly Schroeder.

These might turn into prints. Might end up in my daughter's room. She is crazy about the puppies!

Peace out,